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Celebrate Recovery has shown me how to be more open and compassionate to others, have a sincere interest in their future, and taught me how to encourage them in their recovery. This traits are reflected in my family life today helping me be a compassionate, loving, caring father to my children, a loving husband to my beautiful wife of 20 years, and a reliable worker for my current job for the last 19 years. Meaningful friendships are formed with participants and co-workers demonstrating the potential of Celebrate Recovery.

    While I prepare readings for group classes, I notice myself growing in Christ while helping others. By being available in Celebrate Recovery, I'm able to assist with the announcements during weekly meetings which has helped me be able to speak in public. My choice to join forces with Celebrate Recovery has been beneficial to me spiritually and to my family. It is one choice I am truly thankful for.

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Celebrate Recovery has helped me to be honest and take a good look inside myself. I realized I needed to take responsibility for my actions in ht east, but more importantly for my future. It's amazing how each question in the workbooks helped me to come to a place of inner healing from my past hurts and failures. I learned to forgive others and accept them for who they are. Then, I was able to love them unconditionally with God's love. Celebrate Recovery helped me to have healthy family relationships, taught me how to be a better wife and has strengthened my marriage. 

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