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Don’t Get Crushed... 13 weeks of Character Development.

Objective: In this phase, the lessons and topics train each teenager in the qualities of honesty, courage, and integrity developing character and traits needed to equip today’s teen for long-term success.

1. Future Goals and Dreams; to help teens think about how the choices they make will affect their future, positively and negatively, and to assist teens in considering their goals for the future.

2. Resisting Negative Pressures; to help teens in understanding the risk involved in the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, and the benefit of abstaining from risky behaviors.

3. Teen Dating Violence; to help teens who have been physically, sexually or psychologically abused in a dating relationship.

4. Avoiding the Penalties (STD); to help teens to understand the very serious nature and extent of sexually transmitted diseases.

5. Media Timeout; to help teens understand how they are influenced by the media and how to critically analyze and view media.

6. Bullying; to help teens define bullying: be it physical, verbal, emotional, friendship or cyber also to communicate the three people involved the bully, the victim, and the bystander.

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