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Our program: 

Our program has been in operation for over thirty five years. It is a nonprofit Christian organization that is dedicated to helping the hard-core drug addict, alcoholic, and those with life-controlling problems. It provides a 24-hour supervised live-in group environment with a live-in director on staff to supervise, instruct, and direct the men.

Our Curriculum:

The men are taught a disciplined life-style, the importance of good work ethics, and are helped to change behavior patterns with personal and group training such as:

1. Character development

2. Building a support team

3. Understanding positive effects of rules and boundaries

4. Overcoming negative pressure

5. *Anger Management *Class is in compliance with California Sate Penal Code: 1203.097

6. Drug and alcohol abuse education

7. Marriage

8. Parenting & Domestic Violence


- A minimum of 6 months is required, however, the client may remain in the program longer if needed or as required by the court.

- A $50 administrative fee is charged upon admission. There is no other cost for treatment unless the client is currently receiving an income such as S.S.I benefits, unemployment, etc., at which time a fee of 35% of client's total income will be charged the client at each of his pay periods.

- Client must agree to the rules of the program, acknowledge that he fully understands each rule upon admission, and abide by program rules. A copy of these rules can be provided upon request.


NO phone calls: Client cannot make phone calls. All incoming calls for client are taken by the director.

NO passes are given to leave premises during clients entire stay. (Exceptions: court, probation/parole office, social worker; a travel fee of *$40 will be charged to the client) *Prices can change at anytime.

NO alcoholic beverages, smoking, drugs or *medications are allowed. *Please call for exceptions.

NO one who has been accused or charged of any sexual criminal activity will be admitted.

NO one who committed crimes involving children will be admitted.

NO one with an illness that may be be communicable, open wounds, or sores that do not heal will be admitted.


No visits are allowed to the client during the first thirty days. Thirty day probation period must be without incident and is determined by the director. After the thirty days, only immediate family members may visit which includes: wife, children, parents, and siblings. NO fiancés, girlfriends, mother of mutual children, or friends, etc. are allowed to visit client.

The visitations are restricted to our church sanctuary after our *Sunday morning service. *Times may vary


Our Program has been recognized and recommended by several judges in many of the Courts throughout the United States and parts of England. Local courts include Compton Superior, Downey Municipal, Los Angeles Municipal and Superior, and Norwalk Superior Courts, just to name a few. 

We have also received several clients recommended to us from different probation officers in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Diego County, Kern County, Colusa County and many others throughout California.

Contact Us:

New Harvest Christian Fellowship Men's Transitional Housing and Training Program is operated by New Harvest Christian Fellowship of Norwalk, Inc. and is located at 11364 E. Imperial Highway, Norwalk, California, 90650. The Home is located in the city of Montebello, California.

Office: 562-929-6034

Fax: 562-484-3260

Mailing Address: New Harvest/C.O. Men's Home, P.O. Box 529, Norwalk, CA 90651-0529


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